• Advertising

Creating the right messages is vital, but not all. They need to be clearly and cleverly presented. Then they need to be put in front of the right people. And the responses need to be analyzed and fed back into the communications loop.
Underpinning our activities is our advanced graphic design studio. Our designers will work with you throughout the project to develop the kind of look that will have the greatest impact in your market and that reflects your company’s image.
Our design studio is also a creative consultancy in its own right. We offer far more than just design, we can advise you on how to achieve the best visual image for your company or product and the best medium to use to get that image in front of your customers.
Be it print, electronics, outdoor or innovative media, with our experience and ingenuity, we develop fully integrated campaigns that speak to the right target audience.

• Corporate Communication

Your literature says a lot about the type of company you are and your corporate brochure is an ideal tool to help shape your corporate identity.
Is your company dynamic, traditional, professional, contemporary, scientific, creative or fun? Together with our in-house designers we will research, design, write and produce a wide range of appropriate corporate communications, including Annual Reports, brochures, magazines and newsletters.

• Event Management

The best events are swan-like. While your event is gliding beautifully on the surface, hidden beneath the waterline activity is often frantic. The key to event management is to ensure it is organized with military precision.

We understand your budget limitations and your high expectations. We strive to deliver the best pricing and contract terms around, and we cover each detail, from advertising and public relations to sound and video. No matter what special event you envision, the event management company team at Dipti can certainly deliver!

• Research
Dipti prides itself on the provision of the latest research tools to ensure we provide our clients with the most accurate source of information. ‘Information is Power’ and we provide our clients with that vital knowledge to remove the uncertainty in any Marketing decisions. Thoughts and feelings, hearts and flowers or cold hard data, we provide our clients with the quantitative and qualitative information that is critical in the decision making process.
Whether you require an analysis of…
• Competitors advertising activity
• Current consumer behaviour
• Consumer characteristics
• Opportunities for new product development
• Market positioning
• Market trends
• Effectiveness of campaigns

• Public Relations

Public Relations is the art of creating a positive image of a company, institution or individual in the mind of the target audience, whether that audience is the general public, business to business or some corporate organization.
We have established an enviable reputation as one of the leading media relations agencies in the country, working daily with every sector of the media from major national, international and regional newspapers and broadcasters to a vast range of trade press, we generate valuable, high quality exposure for our clients.
All we need is the basic information and we do the rest. We have the technical savvy and commercial experience to produce stories from the most basic information and then place them in the press to generate sales leads and raise your profile.

• Media Planning and Buying

We believe media planning and buying is about looking at the big picture without losing sight of the here and now.
There is no better planning tool than hindsight, but not all campaigns have previous response data to support selections. We are adept in using all of the best and latest planning resources but it is our approach to planning that is distinctive. We set out to methodically test several media variables at the same time, in order to find the selections that give maximum ROI. Dipti prides itself on the provision of the latest research tools to equip its people with the most accurate source of information. This means our planning is more informed, leading to more certainty that our advertising works for our clients.
As one of the considerable buying points in Gujarat, our knowledge of the best media rates is second to none. Whether it is Print or Electronic media, outdoor or other media, Dipti is a proven top performer in getting the best rates.

• New media

We combine our specialist technical writing and graphic design skills with the expertise of our dedicated web designers and multimedia specialists to produce the most effective interactive solutions available today. But what really counts here is our understanding of your marketing aims and needs and how to implement them on the screen.

From creating and implementing a new web site to revamping an existing site; from a professional corporate presence to a full blown e-commerce solution; from scripting to full video production; from imaginative Flash presentations to multimedia CD-ROM creation.

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